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  • WCl6:Tungsten hexachloride


Specification: Purity  99.6%-99.99%

Tungsten hexachloride is the chemical compound of tungsten and chlorine with the formula WCl6. This dark violet blue species exists as a volatile solid under standard conditions. It is an important starting reagent in the preparation of tungsten compounds.

In order to meet the special requirements of catalytic, our tungsten hexachloride is superfine.

Tungsten hexachloride enables ring opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP), a process step in manufacturing high quality caoutchouc additives for high performance rubber, tires, recycled rubber and road surfaces.

Usage: Used in tungsten plating by vapour phase deposition, make single crystal tungsten wire, glass surface conductive layer and olefin polymerization catalyst. Used in the purification of tungsten and organic synthesis. Applied in agriculture, chemical, petroleum catalyst, intelligent glass and other industries.

Output: More than 200 tons/year, is the largest tungsten hexachloride manufacturing enterprise in Asia, and we are high praised by the customers at home and abroad, the products are mainly exported to Japan, Germany, Europe, America and other regions.

Packing: 10KG/drum

Trade mark: Runxian