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  • TaCl5:Tantalum chloride


The company produces and sales the industrial grade Tantalum chloride, purity ≥99.95% , 10 kg/barrel, with an annual capacity of 50 t

    Tantalum(V) chloride, also known as tantalum pentachloride, is an inorganic compound with the formula TaCl5. It takes the form of a white powder and is commonly used as a starting material in tantalum chemistry. It readily hydrolyzes to form tantalum(V) oxychloride (TaOCl3) and eventually tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5); this requires that it be synthesised and manipulated under anhydrous conditions, using air-free techniques.

    Tantalum pentachloride is an effective co-catalyst in the production of fluorinated hydrocarbons, which are used to manufacture coolants for refrigerators.

    Ruthenium and iridium oxides doped with tantalum pentachloride are used as corrosion-resistant electrical conductors in anodes used in electrolysis. Tantalum pentachloride is highly reactive and dissolves completely and without residue in the anode coating solution. In addition to the electrolysis application, these anodes are also used in ocean water desalination facilities.