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  • NM ZnO:Nanopowder ZnO-40nm Indicators


Technical Data Sheet

Nano ZnO Indicators:



Zinc oxide (according to dry product)% ≥


Lead oxide (according to Pb)% ≤


Manganese oxide (according to Mn)% ≤


Copper oxide (according to Cu)% ≤


Hydrochloric acid insoluble% ≤


Loss on ignition% ≤


Water soluble% ≤


Grain size [TEM, nm] 90% ≤


    Added in rubber formula as a substitute for common zinc oxide, nanometer zinc oxide, for its small size and surface effects, can improve crosslinking density, adhesive force, anti-tear performance, heat dissipation performance and mechanical performance, reduce abrasion loss and extend the life of rubber products. Used in daily sanitary rubber products, nanometer zinc oxide has the virtue of anti-bacterium, decomposition of peculiar odour, UV resistance and aging resistance, etc.

    Nanometerzinc oxide has special capabilities and new uses in magnetism, light, electricity, and sensitivity due to its surface effect, mini-size effect, quanta tunnel effect and so on which zinc oxide powder can’t compare with. Nanometer zinc oxide, used as activating agent, reinforcing agent and coloring agent in natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex, can improve their vulcanization speed, anti-tear strength, anti-aging, rigidity, tensile strength, surface quality. It can be used without first formula and has a dosage of 50-70% of normal zinc oxide (99.7%).

    Nanometer zinc oxide, used as material of soft-magnetic ferrite for voltage dependent resistor, self-clean ceramics in special ceramics industry, can reduce sintering temperature as well as improve density and contractility.

    Nanometer zinc oxide, used in cosmetic and spin industry, has functions of anti-bacterium, deodorization, anti- ultraviolet ray for its small grain size, large specific surface and high activity.

    It is widely used in anti-static material, wave absorbing material, electronic laser material, and activator and so on.