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Nano-tungsten powder is widely used in aerospace alloys, electronic packaging alloys, electrode materials, microelectronic films, sintering aids, protective coatings, gas sensor electrodes. It is widely used in the manufacture of high-performance tungsten products and processing of nano-Wu line, the excellent performance of nano-Wu line to produce high-performance nano-crystalline alloy and high-specific gravity alloy has become an indispensable feature in many high-tech fields Sexual materials. Carbide nano-tungsten carbide produced by the high hardness, tungsten materials for the forefront of products.

Application areas

1. A large number of high-alloy, alloy steel, drill, hammer and other large products;

2. High activity nano-tungsten powder can be used as a high-performance high-gravity alloy powder raw materials (additive amount from 10% to 20%) and the preparation of W and W wire raw material additives, but also as high-performance tungsten alloy powder raw materials , Can significantly improve the alloy performance, while reducing the sintering temperature and shorten the sintering time, saving production costs;

3. The nano-tungsten powder can be used as nano-WC raw material for the preparation of nanocrystalline cemented carbide. Due to the special pore structure of the nano-tungsten powder, it can be used as a raw material of the tungsten powder of the W-Mn method for the ceramic metallization coating.

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