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  • NM SiO2:Nanopowder SiO2-15nm


Nanometer silicon dioxide

Product name: Nanometer silicon dioxide  (SiO2-15nm)    

CAS No.: 14808-60-7   Mol.Wt.60.08

Purity ≥99.8%

BET:250±30 m2/g

PH Value:4-7


  Nano silica with small particle size, more pores, high purity, large specific surface area, high content of surface hydroxyl, high transparency and strong reflection ability to ultraviolet, visible light and infrared etc. Especially with the improvement of surface treatment technology, soft aggregation of nanoparticles is significantly reduced, and the good compatibility of organic polymer materials, which greatly broaden the application field of the product. And also it is easily dispersed in mediums with good suspension property and thixotropy.                                                                          


Rubber: improve intensity, tenacity, anti-aging, re-attrite and so on.

Plasticimprove the intensity, tenacity and extend shelf life of plastic.

Epoxy resin: improve rigidity, intensity, tenacity, high temperature resistance and anti-aging capabilities

Coating: greatly improve suspension property, thixotropic, weatherability, anti-washing and anti-infra-red.

Gooey and sealant: improve the ropy of gooey and the sealed ability of sealant.

Other industries: used in electronic encapsulation, polymer of macromolecule, paint, adhesive, functional fiber, cosmetics and many more applications.

Packing: 10 kg/bag

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