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  • WS2:High-purity superfine tungsten disulfide powder


WS2 superfine powder is a new lubricating material with excellent lubrication performance. It can be used as an additive to high temperature lubricating grease. The grease with the WS2 powder has good performance, such as high dropping point, high oil film strength(PB), and low friction coefficient. It can also be applied to anti-friction material in carbon brush industry,super rigidity material and weld thread; and also be applied to solid lubrication in spaceflight (-270℃~+1300℃, only WS2 can endure these temperatures required in cosmic lubrication), used in aviation, military, etc.We produce WS2 500t/a, and the product quality can reach or even exceed advanced world standard purity of WS2=99~99.9%;W=73.5~74.3wt%;S=25.82~26.5wt%

Particle size: Grade one is Fsss=0.4~0.7µm; Grade two is Fsss=0.85~1.15µm;

Inside applying double-fold vacuum package, and outside using metal drum,

25kg per drum; or manufacturing and packaging according to the demands of clients.

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