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  • NbCl5:Niobium chloride


 The company produces and sales the industrial grade Niobium chloride, purity ≥ 99.9%, packaging 10 kg/barrel, with an annual capacity of 60 t

Niobium(V) chloride, also known as niobium pentachloride, is a yellow crystalline solid. It hydrolyzes in air, and samples are often contaminated with small amounts of NbOCl3. It is often used as a precursor to other compounds of niobium. NbCl5 may be purified by sublimation.

The main application for this product is its direct use as an ultrapure CVD precursor. The production of microprocessors and memory chips requires special CVD precursors made from niobium pentachloride "Highest Purity". Energy saving halogen lamps feature a heat reflecting layer made of niobium pentachloride. In the production of multilayered ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), niobium pentachloride provides support for powder design optimization. The sol-gel process used for this purpose is also applied in the production of chemically resistant optical coatings. Furthermore, niobium pentachloride is used in catalytic applications. 

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