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Company History

In 1999, Wu erjing (the founder of Huajing ) established tungsten disulfide production base in Central South University, the first industrial production of tungsten disulfide in China;

In 2000, it was exported to Japan, earning 1 million US dollars;

In 2007, Hunan Huajing Powder Materials Co., LTD was established and purchased 34 mu of land in Liuyang Manufacturing Industry base;

In 2009, Huajing Company won the honor of national high-tech enterprise;

In 2009, Huajing Smooth industrialized tungsten hexachloride and other chloride materials, the first domestic enterprise to industrialization tungsten hexachloride;

In 2012, Huajing Smooth industrialized production of sodium hexafluoroantimonate products, the first domestic industrial enterprise;

In 2017, Huajing developed tungsten pentachloride new materials to fill the domestic gap;

In 2019, Huajing developed new materials of hafnium tetrachloride, zirconium tetrachloride and molybdenum dioxide dichloride to fill the gap in the production of high purity hafnium tetrachloride in China;

In 2021, won the honorary certificate of "Hunan New Materials Enterprise";

In 2022, the national high-tech enterprise passed the annual audit;

In 2023, it was awarded the title of National "Specialized, Refined, and New" Little Giant Enterprise;

In 2023, awarded the title of Hunan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center;

In 2023, the three major management systems ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 passed the annual audit;

In 2023, Huajing had supplied 30 tons of hafnium tetrachloride to the Korean market, becoming an international leader in high-purity hafnium tetrachloride production;

And the production capacity of hafnium tetrachloride will reach 60MT/a, becoming the key supplier of hafnium tetrachloride in the world.